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Graded Lab Workshop (v3)

There are no formal pre-requisites for this class but we ask that students do have extensive hands-on experience with:

  • Communications Manager 12.5

  • Collaboration-Edge

  • CMS, Voicemail

  • CCX

  • vCUBE

  • Microsoft Certificate services/DNS/AD

  • SIP

  • Webex Edge and Hybrid Services


The CollabCert Graded-Lab Workshop is focused on preparing candidates who understand all the topics on the blueprint but need to focus on strategy, accuracy and speed required to complete the CCIE Collaboration v3 Lab Exam. Candidates will be expected to work independently for the most of the day and receive assessment/feedback on their solutions for the design and lab tasks that are used for this class.

If you do not have extensive experience of the above then we recommend that you sit the CollabCert ILT before attending this class.

The image below shows the format of the CCIE Collaboration (V3) Lab Exam - candidates sitting the workshop class will attempt a series of tasks that cover both of the modules used within the test.



The CCIE Collaboration Exam has two modules: Design and Deploy/Operate/Optimize.

In the Design Module candidates are provided topology diagrams, email threads and other pertinent information that relates to a set of design decisions and scenarios that have been created by Learning at Cisco. Candidates must provide a mixture of drag-and-drop, multi-choice and drop-down answers over a web-based testing engine. Backwards navigation is not permitted. Point values are not displayed. In the CollabCert workshop we cover example scenarios that will help candidates prepare for this module.

The Deploy/Operate/Optimize module is similar to the traditional configuration section of previous versions of the exam. The candidate will need to access specific virtual machines to complete the tasks provided. Candidates have a view of the entire set of tasks hence backwards navigation is permitted. Point values are displayed. In the CollabCert workshop we provide example labs that will help candidates prepare for this module

See the diagram below for an overview of the Workshop class.

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