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The CollabCert Workbook is a collection of 8-hour mock lab scenarios created by instructor Vik Malhi. Each lab is at least 70% different from one another so that the candidate can experience as much variety as possible. Each lab contains a Configuration Section with web-based tasks and solutions and sample Design questions.


  • Labs with 2 sections
    (1) Configuration Section with Solutions. (2) Sample Design questions with answers.


  • The Highest Quality 
    Vik has passed IE Voice, Collabv1 and Collabv2. Nobody else in the world can say that. On top of that he has been an IE trainer since 2005. We are confident that our product is of a far higher standard than anything else you can find.


  • Mentoring
    The CCIE can be very daunting. We are there for you every step of the way whether that be answering questions over email or a short Webex. The post sales support will last until you have achieved the certification and is priceless.


  • How long will I get access for?
    The product will be available whilst the CCIE Collaboration 3.x blueprint is active.

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