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I was almost losing hope to achieve the CCIE Collaboration status when I heard about CollabCert, and after watching a webinar I felt that I would be in good hands with Vik and CollabCert.

I couldn't be more right about that, and with a few months of an almost daily basis dedication, I passed the lab exam on first try!


I started the journey with LMS which gave me a solid skillset, built my own lab at home and started practicing almost every day. The videos provided alongside with explained exercises is exactly what you need to gain confidence.


With the bootcamp you get to notice what are your weaknesses and how to pay attention to more specific details, that could make a difference in the lab exam. Vik was fundamental on this, with his deep knowledge of the Cisco UC world.


Once again, I would like to thank Vik for guiding me through the CCIE journey and would definitely recommend CollabCert for those seeking the CCIE Collaboration status.


Well….the CCIE, did you take the decision? Go ahead, the first step must be know the technology present in the exam. I found exactly what I wanted in the Collabcert Bootcamp, Vik has many years of experience and he is familiar with CCIE Collaboration.

In the bootcamp I had the opportunity to know about the exam experience, key factors and understand the big picture. It's not just the bootcamp, it's everything that happens before and after that helps you reach the goal.  Vik was always there, answering my questions, even giving to me access to the racks for practice.  

My attempts? … finally got it in third attempt. I was well prepared and confident.

If you really want this, don't give up!!! I'm really thankful for you Vik.


Best training class I have ever been to, Vik is professional and knowledgable trainer, could have not picked a better CCIE class and would fly in from the end of the globe if I had the chance to do it again. 

If anyone is thinking of doing their CCIE in near future, you can’t get better training and support, don’t think twice book with CollabCert.


Thanks again for all your hard work in putting together a comprehensive library of learning material and boot camps for Collab v2. I couldn't have done it without you.


The knowledge, experience, and troubleshooting skillset that Vik displays is exceptional. I utilized several resources in this extremely difficult cert process, but Vik’s assistance was vital to my success. Vik’s ability to teach the complicated material, and give you a thorough understanding of the content, is something that I believe separates him from others in the field. I have gained a lot from my journey to obtaining my CCIE; but the information, skillset, and relationships built throughout the in person CollabCert Bootcamp was immeasurable.


I cannot say enough how much I appreciate the guidance, support, and time that Vik and the team invested in assisting me to fulfill this achievement. Thank you


Wooooow! I still can’t believe it, it was surreal when I received the news of passing my CCIE lab exam. Let me tell you something, you always hear that CCIE Collaboration lab exam is hard to pass and I really experienced it with two failures before in this new version 2.

So Collabcert training was vital in my training, Vik is truly a teacher very knowledgeable of UC technologies and the way he teaches with hand-on labs it makes it easier to deep dive on the concepts. Also Vik always helped with any questions after the bootcamp and follow up, this really makes a difference and I don’t there is anything similar to Collabcert regarding quality and personalized attention

I was practicing almost every night of the week, week after week, I never felt defeated when I received twice the bad news when I didn’t pass. Instead I felt more encouraged and I knew that I was capable of doing this. The journey is tiring but the result very satisfying!!!


Just wanted to express my gratitude to Vik and whole CollabCert team for this wonderful work and resources that they are providing.

The video lectures in the LMS are great way to quickly grasp the technology concepts, build the lab and see some examples of troubleshooting. And the Workbook is an excellent way to prepare for the Lab itself, as there are some example tasks, with explanations, and steps to follow to do a proper configuration.

Honestly, CollabCert materials were the integral part of my success. Thank you!


I had been struggling finding good training materials or trainer before I found CollabCert. These are the first class bootcamps provided by Vik who is the best ever instructor. That was an interesting and enjoyable experience and the training provides you with everything that you need starting from the fundamentals and ending with the champion’s strategy. Moreover, the knowledge and techniques I got during the bootcamp are helping me a lot in my daily job operations. I would 100% recommend Vik. Thank you CollabCert, keep making it happen!


For anyone determined to achieve CCIE Collaboration V2 lab, CollabCert should be the natural choice. He has worked with UC for decades and is very familiar with CCIE Collaboration track, formerly CCIE Voice. In his bootcamps he does not really teach the exam, he teaches the technology itself and makes it easy to understand. Even after the course ended he was still available to answer any questions and accommodated me for practice exam.

In my eyes, passing the exam takes two things – being efficient at working with products and knowing the technology completely. I knew I had to put in a lot of effort into time-efficiency and attention to detail which cannot be taught and must be practiced, I trusted Vik to help me with the first and he surpassed my expectations. I would say I was very well prepared for the lab, even though it took me two attempts; the first attempt simply revealed my shortcomings and areas of improvement. The second attempt I took with confidence and succeeded. Thanks to Vik!


Vik is a great instructor who has deep understanding in the technology. After failing at my first attempt, I realized that completing the exam in 8 hours is not sufficient to pass it. What is important is you need to read the questions very carefully, have enough time for verification and finish the lab error free. That is what I developed during my Bootcamp with Vik right before my 2nd attempt. 

He made me aware about the common mistakes that most students do. His verification strategy is great which helped to build up my confidence. I wish good luck to Vik and Collabcert.


I was highly impressed by Vik. He has an abundance of knowledge and was never stumped by any question I had, regardless of its complexity. When applicable, he would always use the equipment to simulate and answer student’s questions. This helped tremendously and gave me the tools I needed to analyze the requirements, troubleshoot potential issues, and ultimately achieve success on the lab exam. Thanks again for an awesome and very informative class!


In my opinion, the real benefit of training with Vik was leveraging his experience and feedback to solidify my configuration and verification strategies. There's no way that I would have passed on my first attempt without his expert guidance in nailing down my config strategy. I have no doubt that it is what made the difference for me.


I was at my final stage of preparation when I went to the CollabCert Bootcamp feeling I just needed more practice to gain speed. Reality was, there were gaps that should had be filled up first.

Vik taught me that speed was not a goal but was a symptom instead. His excellent learning system and the extensive hands-on component in the training allowed me to learn not only the how-to but also the why and to know what was really happening behind the scenes. Besides that, his excellent strategy was crucial for completing the practice labs without error and have them fully tested in 8 hours.

When I went back home I used CollabCert rack rental services and it was exactly what I needed to complete my training. Very easy to set-up and no lag while practicing.

Vik is a great and very positive person that always encourages you and makes you feel confident about taking the test. Thanks to him, I was ready to take my collaboration lab exam and passed on my first attempt.

I strongly recommend CollabCert if are you truly serious and commited about getting your CCIE.


I sat the Collabcert ILT boot camp week 1 during 2015 but with real life going on I fell into that real-life struggle and couldn’t come back for the second week. It took me almost 1 year to come back to Vik and CollabCert and re-sit the ILT week and then do the Workshop week 2 boot camp, which provided the gaps and errors I was performing on my daily lab rotations and though I failed my first attempt on the lab, Vik stayed involved throughout the entire process and guided me to completing the journey and helping me reach my goals of becoming a CCIE.

If you are pursuing your dreams of CCIE Collaboration I highly recommend Vik, and the CollabCert team as they are fully vested in assisting you to become the next certified expert. I believe they strive to assist each and every student with all the knowledge they can offer to prepare for the lab.


I would like to thank you and Vik on the training. I just passed the CCIE collab lab. The training that Collabcert provided was essential to my passing the test. I got Vik's training back in 2015 and after months of studying, I was able to go and pass the lab.


Hello Vik, wanted to let you know that I passed the lab few weeks back. Wanted to say a big "Thank you" your motivation and strategy game gave me a fighting chance for success and it's one of the key ingredients to be able to PASS!!!!! Hope to follow your teachings in the future as the methods of explaining are very clear and precise to the point.


I just got my results and I passed. I couldn't have done it without CollabCert. Your knowledge and rack equipment are unparalleled with anyone else in the training industry for the collaboration track.


My CCIE journey truly began five years ago when I joined my current employer. I was incentivized to pass the CCIE Voice written. I studied for a couple of months and was able to pass. Following that, for one reason or another…work, family, life, , I allowed my written to lapse and was faced with taking it again in 2016. During this time, the new Collaboration Written exam was released. The new test was significantly more difficult and took 4 attempts to pass. At this point, a friend reached out to me and suggested CollabCert. I was familiar with Vik Malhi from his previous company and his reputation preceded him. So, I decided to pay for his entire suite of training out of my own pocket as I knew that it was the only way that I would stay dedicated to the task at hand. Upon meeting Vik, I realized that all of the hype, all of the stories, and all of the praise was well deserved. His training methods are solid and allowed me to quickly fill any knowledge gaps that I had. Following the workshop, I was confident and decided to take my first attempt. Much to my and Vik’s surprise, I did not pass. Vik simply encouraged me and kept up with me. THIS is what sets him and CollabCert apart. Vik and his team genuinely care, are vested in your success, and will do their best to help you finish the journey…. though they can’t take the test for you!


I truly enjoyed my time working with CollabCert. Vik’s knowledge and proven process was instrumental to passing the CCIE. I highly recommend CollabCert to CCIE Collaboration candidates.


I am extremely happy with my decision to choose CollabCert for my CCIE training. Coming into this process I had many doubts of my readiness to achieve this goal. By using the strategy provided by Vik I was able to gain speed, accuracy, and most importantly confidence in my journey. This was my first attempt at any CCIE exam and I can honestly say I couldn’t have done it without CollabCert. I was able to pass the exam on my first attempt after 6 months of dedicated training! I strongly suggest getting the Workshop or Bootcamp, as I came into the workshop feeling strong about certain topics while having reservations about others. I was confident I was ready to sit the exam but in reality, I was around 70%. Vik sat down with me and guided me through my mistakes by teaching and making sure I thoroughly understood the technologies. To anyone thinking of going for the CCIE Collaboration Lab, don’t look any further – Choose CollabCert.


I am going to start by saying that I was hesitating about taking the class with Vik, all of the folks that I know who have passed the test and have taken the class were strongly recommending it but there was a financial aspect to it as well. In the end I decided to give it a try hoping that it would give me the final touches I needed to pass. 

I got real serious about studying about 4 or 5 months prior to the class, when I got there I realized how far along I was from getting a real opportunity at it. To me, the big thing about taking the class was getting Vik to review my labs and provide feedback on the things I was doing wrong. I have to say, I am a very stubborn person and always question everything I am being told ~ I just cant blindly follow directions ~ and that's what made the world of difference with CollabCert, not only was I told what I was doing wrong but I was told the why and was shown to me with debugs and traces; it would have probably taken me many attempts, lots of money and tons of frustration to find those mistakes on my own.

To me, the level of expertise and experience that Vik has on this field, the level of follow up and interest that he puts on every student and getting to know folks that were at the same level I was and with whom I was able to study made the biggest impact on my studies. 

Whether you are getting on the CCIE boat because your company is pushing you for it, because you need a salary raise or just because you need to obtain it for the personal feeling of accomplishment and pride (my case) I would strongly recommend Vik and Collabcert. 

I took my first try back in 2013 and procrastinated for 4 years before getting serious and finally passing and while some of the merit goes to my employer, my wife, my family and collabcert, the feeling of accomplishment and pride is 99.99% personal, my only advice to folks embarking on the same journey is to work hard and get to it.


As you can read from the many testimonials below, Vik is the real deal. I originally sat for the Voice lab twice using only self-study materials. Vik helped me pass the Collaboration lab on my first attempt. The CollabCert bootcamp was instrumental in putting me over the top and helped me get my number.

However, not only does Vik’s strategy and training enable you to have a fighting chance to obtain Cisco’s CCIE, his knowledge will also help you in your day-to-day job as a Unified Communications/Collaboration engineer. Bottom line, you will become a better collaboration engineer, regardless. He is an awesome host and better guy. Thanks, Vik!


CollabCert workshop was the first and only study material I paid during my 9 months long preparation. Man, I have no regret at all. I can say with certainty that without Vik's guidance, I wouldnt have made it.

As a learn-on-the-job contender, I really enjoyed the bootcamp format. There was a lot of hand-on and very few lecture. 
But Vik is a guy who really knows his business. When he starts explaining and highlighting stuffs, you ought to listen to him. Those are things that not only can help you on the lab day but also on your real life deployments. It's like you rediscover your question when Vik gives you the answer. 

Thanks again Vik.


The path to the CCIE lab has been very emotional and test of real determination, looking for the right training material was a task on its own. When I came across the Collabcert I didn’t think twice, having followed Viks progress and history I knew the lab books would be of a high quality. As I worked through the workbooks I noticed Vik had a way of explaining issues that aided understanding and facilitated learning. Vik was always there at the end of an email to provide me with guidance and motivation especially after my first attempt. I would definitely recommend Collabcert to anyone pursuing the CCIE collaboration the quality of the material is second to none.

Thanks Mike and Vik for all the great work.


I would like to thank CollabCert for providing a world class training material, for the professionalism and also for going beyond the traditional teaching style.

The training videos are top notch and the bootcamp definitely made a difference in terms of lab preparation. I left the bootcamp confident that I had all the required knowledge and the right strategy to pass.

The knowledge acquired in the training has definitely improved my skills not only for the exam, but also to perform my job.

On top of that, I had a great time with Vik Malhi and the students during the bootcamp. 

I strongly recommend CollabCert if are you serious about getting your CCIE.


I’m please to say I’ve passed my CCIE lab exam and am CCIE# 55836.
Thanks for you training it’s been excellent and I will continue to refer to it in daily work life. I can certainly say that I wouldn’t have been anywhere close without your guidance and advice on my 1st attempt.


A dream that come true! I finally passed the CCIE Collaboration exam on my 2nd attempt.

First of all, words escape me when need to express how grateful and thankful I am to Vik and Mike!!!

How lucky to have a coach like Vik, a real Collaboration expert who can overcome complex problems and make them simple to students.

Vik's videos are fantastic and make complicated topics simple and easy to understand – The examples and explanations are clear and leave no doubt in how it should be done.
Everything I got with Collabcert exceeded my expectations!!

I attended a lot of training sessions and courses in different locations: Middle East, Europe, North Africa and US. This boot camp is the best training I ever received in my life.

Long story short…A real CCIE Collaboration must learn the technologies, design a strategy, The Collaboration blueprint is huge. Cisco CCIE certification is recognized as the “PHD” of Cisco Networking. The track is not easy. I’ve been in the IT Network and Telecom field for 12 Years
In 2007, I got my CCNA and started my career with cisco certifications, I quickly mapped out a plan to becoming a CCIE within 10 years

I prepared for my exam starting by Self-study using various training materials. Then I purchased a boot camp with Training company in March 2016. Unfortunately, they were not answering all my calls, the website went down a few weeks later and lately I found the vendor had just closed and filed bankruptcy. I was very disappointed broken at that time, but never gave up.

When I found out about Collabcert, I knew this is the place where I can get my number and see the dream grow up again. I went through reading reviews and testimonials about Collabcert, Then I decided to purchase the (Workbook+LMS+2weeksILT&Workshop) combo package. The training materials from Collabcert is by far the best I have ever seen.

I first spent six months reading and watching videos on the CCIE lab topics before attend the Collabcert boot-camp, Then I planned for the last two months before the exam to be my focus on practice the Lab and enhance my speed.

The last two weeks before my exam day, I went with rack rental option 1. (used VPN to connect my own practice phones). This was my first time ever using rack rental and I must say I was impressed. There was no lag and everything worked great.

I think Collabcert is a way for success. I wouldn’t have completed this journey without your guys!!

Thank you, Vik and Mike for all your amazing non-traditional work!!”


I approached Mike and Vik with reservations, being an orphan of the infamous competition program everybody knows, which failed miserably even to respond to any request. 

I found in CollabCert an incredible professionalism in every respect. Mike was very sure about helping me and I got great value from my investment. They added some perks I was not expecting, and the treatment was always a personal one. From the start Vik helped me with a VPN problem on a Sunday morning (of all days!), in order for me to start doing the practice in the lab. At the end the problem was on my side and we got things in motions after getting things right. The rental was perfect for me because of weird hours I worked on it, and the response and speed was next to perfect. I wouldn't recommend any other rental, and I tested some, just in case to get acquainted with other devices. Not necessary. At the end got unused tokens. 

Collabcert videos and documentation were gratifying and to the point, most kudos to the CUBE part, which is probably the best explanation you can find about this. The program makes sense the way Vik created it: Videos - bootcamp - practice - exam.... Then I went to San Jose where we went deep into the 2 weeks bootcamp. Everything worked great, we worked until very late, and even Vik let us work on the weekend. We were just a bunch of wannabes CCIE. He never had a problem explaining stuff to us over and over, individually and in group, and at the end I really had the feeling I was almost there. Vik was there to help us get there and gave us all the tools we needed. 

Being a slow slug myself, I needed extra practice on my own anyway to get accuracy and get final adjustments to the strategy. Two other fellows went for it almost immediately after the bootcamp, with mixed results. At the end I failed a first time, and then passed on the second. Vik offered me me a short review after the fail, because I went out thinking I passed. He encouraged not to wait too long and after 6 weeks including another week of rental, I got my number.

The most important lesson learned, and this was something I told Mike and Vik, was to keep in touch with the other guys who were really going for it. Review notes, talk shop, exchange observations, even long after the bootcamp. It made a big difference for me. The other two who did the full two weeks, we all made it at the end, within the same two weeks. It was worth it.


I started my CCIE Collab journey when Cisco announced the move from Voice to Collab , got the new collaboration blueprint. I purchased from a vendor that doesn’t exist today , I was shocked and in the middle of nowhere on what I purchased having studied for a year. I had no idea to whom I can put my trust again , I was reading the Collabcert blog and read the story of the guy who traveled to Chicago and discovered the same vendor I used was closed and how Collabcert contacted him and helped to achieve his dream ( which he did ), I contacted Mike Down and he was awesome guy easy to deal with and helped me get on track back.

I bought the full collabcert ILT , workbook, plus the bootcamp , and got amazed how Vik was a special trainer he was on top of every question I used to through on him, Vik evaluated me and told me I am ready to take the exam , I booked a day and guess what? My dream came true and thanks God first then Vik which I call him today my Hero. When you go to collabcert bootcamp you can feel he is one of your family members.

The bootcamp facility was awesome everyone had his own rack practice any time in the day facility opened 24 X 7 , food was good everyday from a different world kitchen cuisine (Korean, medeterian, pizza , subs) WOW. Hats down to Collabcert team!


I have dedicated 3 years to studying to pursue the certificate of CCIE Collaboration, learning by myself using several training materials that I bought with several training vendors which were good but not excellent and did not help me enough. Then I was recommended by some friends to CollabCert Inc. and I decided to subscribe their page, contact Mike and tell him that I did not have a good domain of English to pay my seat in the bootcamp.

He helped me connect with Vik directly which impressed me very much kind attention and his confidence in telling me that I would always try to explain with diagrams and drawings. We would also speak the same language of IOS, that message was decisive:-) I decided to pay for the training for the two weeks, I traveled to San Jose to train and everything was true, Vik was very clear and his explanations more detailed gave the luxury of approaching face to face with each of the members, also has small activities to release stress that makes training much more fun, the rest is history.

Vik is an incredible proctor expert and has the ability to tackle complex problems and make them easy to understand. CollabCert training materials are far from the best on the market I have seen, each of the bootcamp members had their own rack equal to the actual testing center, Vik is really worth it. Vik recommended detailed tasks on how we could achieve it faster and more functional. I took his advice and followed absolutely everything step by step, from the beginning to the verification. At the end of January 2017, I flew to San Jose, I took the exam I felt very comfortable as if I were in the bootcamp one more day, and I pass to my first attempt, Thanks for everything CollabCert.


I started my CCIE collab journey last year in March 2016 and went for a bootcamp with another provider. I was following their approach however i had tough times making things work and there was no logical approach. I used to get stuck while doing the lab.
In late October, I read Collabcert's testimonials on their website and i decided that i want to try this, yes i made my decision based on testimonials.

In first 5 days i knew this is what i need to do .Vik has logical explanation for each of the LAB exam topics and also his solutions and rack by far the best. His grading methods and expertise is the actually the game changer. 

I started following his approach and within two months i was ready for the exam ,in first attempt i missed by 1-2 points however i was able to pass in my second attempt.

Three things stands out in Vik's class: 
(1) vik's grading practise. 
(2) his simple way of explaining difficult topics. 
(3) the last one is great food. 

Of course his sense of humour always keep the mood light.

I would like to thank Collabcert team both Mike and VIk for helping me out in my journey, you guys are best in the industry and i wish you all the best.


I had been on this CCIE Voice/Collaboration journey on and off for 4 years and I even attempted the Voice Lab in 2013 but it was fruitless. Self study using various training materials that I purchased from various training partners didn’t help me except it only made the journey seem more challenging at the time. I eventually signed up for boot camp with another vendor in March of 2016. I flew out from Los Angeles to Chicago, Illinois and drove to Crowns Point, Indiana to learn that the vendor had just closed shop and filed bankruptcy. That was an overwhelming disappointment for me. The next day, I responded to a blog from and Mike from CollabCert reached out to me. He genuinely wanted to help me. Mike connected me with Vik and I drove up to San Jose for training and the rest is history. 

Vik is an amazing Collaboration expert and he has an ability to take complex problems and make them simple to grasp. The training materials from CollabCert is by far the best I have seen. Vik is the real deal. Vik recommended a detailed time table for me and how I should study after boot camp. I took his advice and followed it. In late August of 2016, I flew up to San Jose, took the lab and passed. I wouldn’t have completed this journey without CollabCert.


I would like first to say thank you for all your help. As soon as I found out about CollabCert I knew this was the place to help me achieve my CCIE dreams. In the past when I was studying for the CCIE Voice track I thought I was on the right track. I took the lab and I thought for sure I passed as soon as I walked out, only later to find out I wasn’t close. It’s very disappointing when this happens time and time again.

The first week of attending CollabCert I was able to find out not only the correct way to study but also shortcuts and tricks to help me attain my CCIE. Once I started the second week of the boot camp you really see the value in the program. Never before was I given feedback on a completed lab before this class. This allowed me to not only see my errors but give me confidence once I was able to complete the lab with a passing grade from Vik. This would have been a great class if it all ended here, but it didn’t. After my class I was able to reach out to Vik on multiple questions that I had and get further information that was needed. And to top it all off the rack rental is great. The servers are fast and the hardware is exactly what you need to get ready for the real lab.

I would just like to say again thank you for putting up with me and all my questions throughout my CCIE lab experience. I truly believe that I wouldn’t have my CCIE if it wasn’t for CollabCert.

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