CollabCert LMS

CollabCert LMS is a Learning Management System (LMS) that will help candidates understand the concepts of the technology that is listed on the CCIE Collaboration blueprint. Watch veteran instructor Vik Malhi breakdown each topic in his own engaging and unique way that has helped over a thousand CCIE Voice candidates achieve their goal.




CollabCert LMS $1500.00
CollabCert (LMS+Workbook) $2500.00


What do you get?

  • Video Modules

    Each area of the blueprint will contain video modules explaining the how each a piece of technology works. Vik uses the whiteboard and live CLI/GUI demonstration to help the candidate digest the information. Where applicable Vik will open up a wireshark packet capture so that you can comprehend the technology to the level of an advanced TAC engineer.

  • Technology Workbook Exercises

    Following each video module there are technology focused lab excercises that will provide the ability for candidates to gain relevant hands-on experience configuring technology that is present within the CCIE Collaboration lab exam. These labs can be completed on a candidate’s own rack or on the CollabCert rack rental.

  • Technology Workbook Solutions

    Each technology workbook excercise contains an associated solution guide that can be used during or after a candidate completes the tasks in the workbook. There is a strong emphasis on verification and troubleshooting within the solution guides.

  • Short Answer Questions

    At the end of each module contained within CollabCert LMS, Vik has designed an assessment Q&A. You will see extracts of pieces of configuration and hypothetical questions that are common configuration errors. You will be asked to answer each question by either typing a missing keyword or command or by selecting a multi-choice option.

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