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Looking for the ultimate end-to-end solution for your CCIE Collaboration journey? Look no further than our ILT + Workshop Combo.

Our ILT boot camp will arm you with the tools and skills to gain a deep understanding of the topics listed in CCIE Collaboration v3, while our Workshop will help you gain the speed/strategy and feedback necessary to give yourslef a realistic shot as passing this exam! We realize that it may be difficult to take 2 weeks back-to-back out of your work/life schedule, so, candidates have the option of splitting up the 2-weeks to suit their needs or can sit either or both weeks online.

Self-study is a key cog in your learning experience before, in-between and even after sitting any boot camp. For this reason, we have included our invaluable self-study product, the CollabCert LMS and Workbook (a $1999 value) with the ILT+Workshop combo.


With the very best instruction and self-study tools, the ILT+Workshop combo should be the key component in any candidate looking to conquer the CCIE Collaboration v3 exam.

As the diagram below shows- candidates can either sit the ILT and Workshop back to back or instead with a gap in between the two weeks of class.

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