CollabCert Workshop

Join one of the most successful and longest serving CCIE Voice/Collaboration instructors Vik Malhi for an intense 5 day workshop class aimed at helping you pass the CCIE Collaboration Lab Exam. Vik is the second person in the world (and first outside of Cisco) who passed the Collaboration lab exam.


This class is aimed at candidates who already possess the CCIE Voice certification (or were close to passing the lab in the previous format) and candidates who have sat through the 5 day CollabCert ILT. The major difference between this class and the ILT bootcamp is that there is a larger hands-on component. Candidates who sit through this class should have a good grasp of the technology and can focus on strategy and speed. Remember - it’s one thing being able to complete a lab, it’s another getting it done error free and fully tested in 8 hours.

The equipment and lab setup is identical to what you will find in the CCIE Collaboration lab exam. We have invested in servers that are capable of running all of the virtual machines, we have ISR-G2 gateways with PVDM3 modules, 9971 and 7965 phones. Our goal is to make the transition from the practice environment to the actual environment as seamless as possible. This is very important to help you gather the speed required to succeed in the grueling exam.


5 days instructor led, 7 days rack access Pre-requisites

Candidates should be at an advanced stage in their studies before attending.

Duration Location   Reserve your seat today!
Dec 18 - 22 2017 San Jose, California $3500.00
Jan 22 - 26 2018 San Jose, California $3500.00
Feb 12 - 16 2018 Birmingham, UK $3500.00
March 5 - 9 2018 San Jose, California $3500.00
April 23 - 27 2018 San Jose, California $3500.00
May 21 - 25 2018 San Jose, California $3500.00
June 25 - 29 2018 San Jose, California $3500.00


The format of the class is as follows:

  • Introduction to the Lab environment and resources available to complete the lab
  • Learn efficiency using the candidate PC desktop
  • Lab strategy tips and tricks
    • Building a base configuration based on predictable configuration
    • Building an organized dialplan
    • Testing and Verification of your dialplan
    • SIP/H323/MGCP Call Flow ladder and Troubleshooting
    • Multi-tasking the application configurations
    • QoS at your peril
  • Final word before Mock lab

  • CollabCert Workshop Lab #1
    • level: Intermediate.
  • Brief review, Q&A

  • CollabCert Workshop Lab #2
    • level: Advanced.
  • Brief review, Q&A

  • CollabCert Workshop Lab #3
    • level: Good luck.
  • Brief review, Q&A

  • Review
  • Instructor will provide one to one feedback providing candidates development items to complete before sitting the lab

Candidates are welcome to use their CCIE Collaboration racks over the weekend. For classes being hosted in San Jose, candidates are welcome to spend the weekend in the CollabCert training facility fine tuning their skills and potentially going through the labs again.



Bootcamp Retake Policy

You are allowed to re-sit the CCIE Collaboration v1 class at any stage for a $500 per week lab fee subject to availability.

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