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Join one of the most successful and longest serving CCIE Voice/Collaboration instructors Vik Malhi for an intense 5 day class aimed at helping you pass the CCIE Collaboration Lab Exam. Vik is the first person in the world outside of Cisco that has passed the Collaboration lab exam.

Our aim is not to lecture at you all day long- Vik has over 200 CCIE Voice classes behind him and uses a proven and unique training approach consisting of interactive demonstrations combined with engaging whiteboard “chalk-talk” discussions. There shall be no powerpoint!

Candidates will spend 50% of each day on their own rack of dedicated equipment performing challenging lab tasks that will help you pass the exam. The instructor will be present to ensure that you are able to configure the steps involved in completing the exercises each and every day. The focus is on helping you understand not just the “how to” but the “why” when considering each step.

The equipment and lab setup is identical to what you will find in the CCIE Collaboration lab exam. We have invested in servers that are capable of running all of the virtual machines, we have ISR-G2 gateways with PVDM3 modules, 9971 and 7965 phones. Our goal is to make the transition from the practice environment to the actual environment as seamless as possible. This is very important to help you gather the speed required to succeed in the grueling exam.

5 days instructor led, 7 days rack access Pre-requisites

Candidates should have extensive hands-on experience with at least 70% of the CCIE Collaboration Lab blueprint.

Duration Location   Reserve your seat today!
Dec 11-15 2017 San Jose, California $3500.00
Jan 15-19 2018 San Jose, California $3500.00
Feb 26-Mar 2 2018 San Jose, California $3500.00
April 16-20 2018 San Jose, California $3500.00
May 14-18 2018 San Jose, California $3500.00
June 18-22 2018 San Jose, California $3500.00


The topics covered in the 5 day class is as follows:

  • NTP
  • VLAN
  • CDP
  • DHCP
  • TFTP

  • Phone registration
  • Phone customization
  • End Users and LDAP integration
  • Codec and CAC
  • Video setup
    • VCS SIP Trunk
  • Call routing
    • MGCP and H323 gateway
    • 911 and DID
    • + dial
    • TEHO
    • H323 ICT
    • SIP Trunking
    • RTMT and SIP
    • SIP Early Offer
    • CUBE
    • Intercluster Lookup Service
    • SAF/CCD
  • UCM features
    • Extension Mobility
    • EMCC
    • Unified Mobility and SNR/MVA
  • Media Resources
    • Video Conferencing
    • Transcoding
    • MOH
    • Media Resource Management
    • RSVP
    • Inter-cluster RSVP with SIP Preconditions
  • High Availability
    • SRST

  • SCCP phone registration
    • Octo line and Huntstop
  • SIP phone registration
  • Phone customization
  • CME features
    • Extension Mobility
    • SNR
    • BLF Presence
    • Intercluster Presence
  • CME call routing
    • SIP trunking
    • CUBE

  • Classification and Marking
  • Ingress Queuing and WTD
  • Scheduling
  • Egress Queuing and WTD

  • CUE integration with CME using CLI
  • CUE MWI options
  • CUE GUI setup
  • CUC SIP integration with UCM
  • CUC SCCP integration with UCM
  • Importing Users
  • VisualVoicemail
  • Call Handler

  • Agent setup
  • CTI setup
  • RM setup
  • Prompt Management
  • Spoken Name Upload
  • Scripting

  • UCM and IMP integration
  • Jabber- softphone
  • Jabber- deskphone control
  • Jabber integration with voicemail
  • Video calling to 9971
  • IMAP
  • REST
  • IMP Federation
  • XML File customization



Bootcamp Retake Policy

You are allowed to re-sit the CCIE Collaboration v1 class at any stage for a $500 per week lab fee subject to availability.

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