Student Testimonial- Daniel Chaves CCIE# 57565

Thanks to Daniel for the following testimonial. Some very good advice for any CCE wannabes out there. We believe the follow-up after class, assessment & grading, ongoing feedback and mentorship to our students is what sets us apart and is the reason why CollabCert students do so well.

I am going to start by saying that I was hesitating about taking the class with Vik, all of the folks that I know who have passed the test and have taken the class were strongly recommending it but there was a financial aspect to it as well. In the end I decided to give it a try hoping that it would give me the final touches I needed to pass.

I got real serious about studying about 4 or 5 months prior to the class,

when I got there I realized how far along I was from getting a real opportunity at it. To me, the big thing about taking the class was getting Vik to review my labs and provide feedback on the things I was doing wrong. I have to say, I am a very stubborn person and always question everything I am being told- I just can’t blindly follow directions and that’s what made the world of difference with CollabCert, not only was I told what I was doing wrong but I was told the why and was shown to me with debugs and traces; it would have probably taken me many attempts, lots of money and tons of frustration to find those mistakes on my own.

To me, the level of expertise and experience that Vik has on this field, the level of follow up and interest that he puts on every student and getting to know folks that were at the same level I was and with whom I was able to study made the biggest impact on my studies.

Whether you are getting on the CCIE boat because your company is pushing you for it, because you need a salary raise or just because you need to obtain it for the personal feeling of accomplishment and pride (my case) I would strongly recommend Vik and Collabcert.

I took my first try back in 2013 and procrastinated for 4 years before getting serious and finally passing and while some of the merit goes to my employer, my wife, my family and collabcert, the feeling of accomplishment and pride is 99.99% personal, my only advice to folks embarking on the same journey is to work hard and get to it.

Daniel Chaves – CCIE #57565

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