CCIE Numbers nearing 58xxx

As the slightly annoying cyber November draws to a close we would like to offer our congratulations to our recent passing students who are proud owners of a brand new CCIE Number. Our recent bootcamps students did really well and this reflects in the number of folks in the late 57xxx CCIE Number range. We are hoping for great things for the 58xxx series of CCIE Numbers, fingers crossed! Don’t wait too long, the world is going to change in 2018 when it comes to CCIE Collaboration. Get your name on our list of successes by signing up for a class.

  • Jonathan Unger – CCIE #57829 (Collaboration)
  • Joel Murphy – CCIE #57723 (Collaboration)
  • Will Nelson – CCIE #57722 (Collaboration)
  • Brad Hacker – CCIE #57659 (Collaboration)
  • Dan Writz – CCIE #57612 (Collaboration)
  • Samuel Baxter- CCIE #57573 (Collaboration)
  • Daniel Chaves – CCIE #57565 (Collaboration)
  • Davide Marazza – CCIE# #57550 (Collaboration)
  • Ivan Alexander Alves – CCIE #57485 (Collaboration)

Thanks to Joel for the following:

My CCIE journey truly began five years ago when I joined my current employer. I was incentivized to pass the CCIE Voice written.

I studied for a couple of months and was able to pass. Following that, for one reason or another…work, family, life, , I allowed my written to lapse and was faced with taking it again in 2016. During this time, the new Collaboration Written exam was released. The new test was significantly more difficult and took 4 attempts to pass. At this point, a friend reached out to me and suggested CollabCert. I was familiar with Vik Malhi from his previous company and his reputation preceded him. So, I decided to pay for his entire suite of training out of my own pocket as I knew that it was the only way that I would stay dedicated to the task at hand. Upon meeting Vik, I realized that all of the hype, all of the stories, and all of the praise was well deserved. His training methods are solid and allowed me to quickly fill any knowledge gaps that I had. Following the workshop, I was confident and decided to take my first attempt. Much to my and Vik’s surprise, I did not pass. Vik simply encouraged me and kept up with me. THIS is what sets him and CollabCert apart. Vik and his team genuinely care, are vested in your success, and will do their best to help you finish the journey…. though they can’t take the test for you!– Joel Murphy CCIE #57723

Thanks to Will for the following:

I just got my results and I passed. I couldn’t have done it without CollabCert. Your knowledge and rack equipment are unparalleled with anyone else in the training industry for the collaboration track. – Will Nelson – CCIE #57722

Thanks to Sam for the following:

I am extremely happy with my decision to choose CollabCert for my CCIE training. Coming into this process I had many doubts of my readiness to achieve this goal. By using the strategy provided by Vik I was able to gain speed, accuracy, and most importantly confidence in my journey. This was my first attempt at any CCIE exam and I can honestly say I couldn’t have done it without CollabCert. I was able to pass the exam on my first attempt after 6 months of dedicated training! I strongly suggest getting the Workshop or Bootcamp, as I came into the workshop feeling strong about certain topics while having reservations about others. I was confident I was ready to sit the exam but in reality, I was around 70%. Vik sat down with me and guided me through my mistakes by teaching and making sure I thoroughly understood the technologies. To anyone thinking of going for the CCIE Collaboration Lab, don’t look any further – Choose CollabCert. – Samuel Baxter- CCIE #57573

Thanks to Dan for the following:

I truly enjoyed my time working with CollabCert. Vik’s knowledge and proven process was instrumental to passing the CCIE. I highly recommend CollabCert to CCIE Collaboration candidates.– Dan Writz – CCIE #57612

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