CCIE Recertification changes

Prior to June 6 2017 a person with a CCIE certification had been required to pass any CCIE Written exam every two years in order to re-certify and keep their CCIE active (excluding Emeritus). Cisco have announced an alternative method to re-certify which allows for an existing CCIE to avoid sitting another Written exam for the purpose of re-certification.

In a nutshell there are Cisco-approved training courses that can be taken that count for credits and if you get enough credits by the time you are due to re-certify, then you are good to go and don’t need to pass a Written exam. There is an administration fee of $300 in order to do this.

For full details of the “Cisco Continuing Education Program” click here.

What does this mean?

My opinion is if you are a CCIE and work for a company that sends you on a lot of approved Cisco training courses then this is great. You can use the benefit of the training that you are doing and throw in some sessions at Cisco Live and voila- you have re-certified.

If you are not one of those folks who regularly attend Cisco-approved training and learn on the job and via google then you are probably not about to drop $5K to sit Cisco-approved training specifically to re-certify and you are more likely to continue passing a Written exam every couple of years.

Vik Malhi, CCIE#13890
Twitter: @vikmalhi

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